The MegaX token (MGX) is an Ethereum based ERC20 utility token and crypto-currency used within the MegaX ecosystem. Our token sale was successfully concluded on 17th November 2017 and we raised USD$2.5 m.

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MGX is a store for millennials, by millennials. Carefully sourced and personally curated, we offer products that are either truly distinct and not to be found elsewhere, or tried and true classic items that we cannot live without. Our selection is unique and ever-changing. Singapore-owned and operated MGX has contemporary, cool and kickass products available for immediate purchase with MGX tokens.

& many many many many more.

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Listed Exchanges


Etherdelta is a Ethereum-based decentralized trading platform for ETH and ERC20 tokens. It acts as a marketplace that facilitates the trading of ETH for almost any token compatible with the Ethereum network. At its peak, EtherDelta generated over $10m in daily trading volumes.

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LATOKEN is the blockchain-based exchange for tokenized assets and currencies. They are the number one source of liquidity for new tokens and assets classes with a $25+m daily turnover in cryptocurrencies and utility token markets. Besides trading, LATOKEN users can participate in exclusive token sales with their partner network.

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Token Flow

Participants in the ITS can either choose to invest in/trade MEGAX tokens within the token exchanges on the listed dates, or purchase products at partner brands in the MEGAX network. Each purchase will be based on the prevailing exchange rates between MEGAX and other authorized currencies.

With a decentralized retail token as the medium to retail operations, transactional fees are kept at a near-zero. Consumers will reap the benefits of lower prices, while brands and marketplaces will profit from the increased visibility and traction via membership into the ecosystem.

Token Distribution

Fund Allocation