1. Can citizens of United States of America participate?

A: No, users who participate from U.S will fail the KYC process and have their ETH or USD/SGD refunded at the end of the token sale.

2. When and where will MGX be listed on an exchange?

A: We have confirmed listing on Cryptopia and will be working on other exchanges too.

3. Can I mine MGX coins?

A: The coins are not mineable

4. Why can’t I send my Ethereum from exchanges such as Bittrex?

A: Our MGX tokens are ERC20 tokens, to receive the MGX tokens purchased you’ll need a ERC20 compatible wallet. We recommend using MyEtherWallet.

5. When will I receive the tokens? 

A: For contributors using USD/SGD we’ll need to receive the funds first which might take up to 3 working days, after which we will send your information provided for verification with our KYC vendor. Upon passing we will be issuing the tokens within 48 hours. For contributors using ETH, it’ll be issued within 48 hours after receiving the information for KYC.

6. Help I don’t see my MGX coins in my wallet! 

A: Please put your wallet address on www.etherscan.io to check the transactions made to your wallet, you should see MGX coins up there. To correctly see the MGX coins under token balance, we’ll post the instructions for you to be able to see your coins at the end of the initial token sale, this is done so that trading does’nt happen during the initial token sale, but only enabled after.