Spendable Tokens on the Retail Platform and Network

MEGAX are spendable tokens on a wide and growing retail network of more than 40,000 brands. The tokens are centered around a millennial movement, created by profitable, revenue generating retail companies- such as the guys who brought you Artbox Singapore


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  • A Seamless, Digital Wallet

    Decentralised ownership of retail tokens by millennial consumers. Exchange with fiat currency, secured, quick and seamless transactions for our retailers.

  • Exclusive Brands and Events

    An expanding number of independent shops catering to the millennial lifestyle. Get access to online malls, retail events and exclusive products that only accepts MGX as payment.

  • The Easiest Way to Pay

    Pay with MGX tokens using our wallet app. Convert between fiat and MGX tokens instantly.

MEGAX Payments

MEGAX hardware device for merchant payment acceptance (can also accept credit cards)

MEGAX Exclusive Music & Retail Events

Epic retail events that only accepts MEGAX as payment. Unique artisanal markets to be organised worldwide which will attract millions of consumers. This will lead to accelerated awareness as well as adoption of MEGAX.

MEGAX-Only Marketplace Acceptance

Use MGX on our marketplace, we’ll be working with brands and merchants to have exclusive products and services that only accept MGX.

Initial Token Sale

Rapid Adoption

Funds raised will be used for rapid retail adoption

Token Usage

Tokens can be used immediately on our retail network

Price Guarantee

USD price guarantee lock-in for MGX tokens used on the retail network⁴

12-Month Product Roadmap


Acquisition of 4 Retail Brands & Marketplaces


Collaboration with MC Payments on Blockchain


Blockchain Complete


Initial Token Sale


MegaX Mall Launch + 1st Bounty Campaign

Mastercard Marketplace App for MGX Tokenst

Web App Wallet + 2nd Bounty Campaign


iOS & Android Wallet

By 2020, Millennial Spending in Asia will Reach 11 Trillion USD

Data from UBS Investment Bank
11 Trillion

MEGAX Mall —
The Perfect Online Millennial Shopping Experience

Slated for Q4 2017, the MEGAX Mall will be the heart of the MEGAX movement, featuring innovative and novel products from over 10,000 brands along with worldwide shipping.

MEGAX Events —
Epic MEGAX-Only Retail Events

Epic retail events that exclusively accept MGX tokens as payment. Expect unique artisanal markets to be organised worldwide, attracting millions of consumers, leading to accelerated awareness and adoption of MGX.

Artbox Singapore 2017 – organised by the MEGAX team, with turnout of 600,000 consumers over 2 weekends!

Awards & Accolades

  • 2010

    • MC Payment Established Partnership With American Express
  • 2012

    • MC Payment Attained PCI Security Status
  • 2013

    • MC Payment Won The Singapore Prestigious Brand Award
    • MC Payment Won The Fintech Award By Singapore Business Review
    • MC Payment Was The First In Asia To Achieve Level-3 Enhanced Data Processing Certification
  • 2014

    • Won The Hong Kong Ict Award
    • Won The SME One Asia Award
    • Attained Full-Fledged Omni-Channel Payment Service Provider Status
  • 2015

    • MC Payment Won The Singapore Prestigious Brand Award
    • MC Payment Won The Fintech Award By Singapore Business Review
    • MC Payment Was The First In Asia To Achieve Level-3 Enhanced Data Processing Certification
  • 2016

    • MC Payment appointed as Discover acquirer
  • 2017

    • MC Payment appointed as Alipay & WeChat acquirer
    • iFashion subsidiary selected by International Enterprise Singapore to be a Ground-Up Retail Representative to promote Singapore Retailers to Overseas Markets
    • iFashion subsidiary partnered with CapitaLand to come up with initiatives to combat the current Retail landscape

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The Team

  • Jeremy Khoo

    Group CEO, iFashion

  • Anthony Koh

    Group CEO, MC Payments

  • Christopher Low


  • Ngeow Jiawen

    CEO, Megafash

  • Jonathan Hee

    CEO, Blackbean / Meykrs / Red Republic

  • Joanne Soh

    CEO, Dressabelle

  • Kent Teo

    CEO, Invade

  • Sharon Lai

    CFO, iFashion



  • Igor Pesin

    Fintech Investor and Partner, life.Sreda VC Fund

    Partner and Chief Financial Officer, Banking on Blockchain Fund

  • Sanjeev Kumar

    Former Chief Product & Marketing Officer, Omise

    Former Executive, Visa Cybersource

    Formerly held various leadership positions at Google, Elavon, ANZ Bank & Capgemini

  • Nizam Ismail

    Co-Founder, RHT Compliance

    Solutions and Partner and Head, Regulatory Practice, RHTLaw Taylor Wessing

    Former Executive Director and Head of Compliance for Southeast Asia, Morgan Stanley – former deputy director, market conduct policy division, MAS

  • Ferry Tenka


    Founder & CEO, Groupon Indonesia

    Founder & CEO,

    CEO, Orami

  • Adam Lyness

    Business Development & Strategy Leader, Cryptopia.Co.Nz

    Founder & Engineering Director, Intranel.Com

    Founder & Product Development Lead, Visionslive.Com

  • Caleb Yap

    Co-Founder, Singapore Bitcoin Club

  • Peter Sin

    Co-Head of Digital Currency Sub-Committee, ACCESS (Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association)

    Co-Founder, Singapore Bitcoin Club